Yoga for mixed abilities – a 1 hour and 45 minute class with Kevin Bridge
Lower Hall

This Class I call the real deal, not saying my other classes isn’t, but what’s the main difference is the duration of the class 1 hour and 45 minutes. In this class most postures will be held for 10 breaths instead of 5 to give participants the chance to go deeper in their postures  Time will be taken out to develop Head and Handstands.
Yin yoga also be introduced without props concentrating on hip openers mostly.
Final relaxation will be for 15 minutes

This class is suitable for mixed abilities the goal is for the practitioners to eventually advance in their practice from beginners to intermediate Level and for Intermediate Level students to deeper their practice.

Booking and payments 
First class is free
£45 per month for 4 classes in Person
£10 per class online or £35 per month for all online classes only  7 classes to choose from including this one.
Book by emailing
Any queries contact 07508897676