Dallibani 1973

Dalabani is a dramatic poem which offers varieties of experiences of dance-drum rituals.


Mukhtarr Mustapha (poet from Sierra Leonne)


Directed by Amadu Maddy, Choreography by Ray McLean, Setting designed by Gerry Small and Jackie Shoultz

For D and L Theatre: Artistic Director/Administrator Frank Cousins, Company Manager Jean Rafferty, Deputy Stage Manager Colin Howells, Secretary Anna Dale, Scenery constructed by Frank Milman, Costumes designed by Amadu Maddy, Executed by Phylis Macdonald, Impact adhesive by COPYDEX, The music performed and recorded by the ASORO PLAYERS (Gordon Tialobi, Emmanuel Jegede and Sunshine Ogunde), the DALABANI masks designed and made by Claude Teyssier, Additional lighting equipment by Theatre Projects Ltd., Armory by Bapty and Co. Ltd and Additional properties kindly loaned by The Nigerian High Commission.


Frank Cousins, Anni Domingo, Naomi Hussey, Charles Hussey, Jimi Rand, Kay Harrison, Ivan Fraser, Amadu Maddy, Pauline Yamson.


PROBABLY Dallibani and The Trials of Brother Jero:

Venues  Churchill Theatre, Edinburgh (11-13 Oct); West Indian Centre, Manchester (17 Oct); Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds (19-20 Oct); Wyvern Theatre, Swindon (23-24 Oct); Swansea Uni Theatre (29-30 Oct); Chapter Arts Theatre, Cardiff (1-3 Nov); Brighton Uni Theatre (5-7 Nov); Dovecot Theatre, Stockton (8-10 Nov); Adeline Genee Theatre, East Grinstead (week of 28 Nov.). Additionally the company will be playing in the following schools and colleges: Edgehill College, Ormskirk (8 Oct); Spurley Hey HS, and Plant Hill HS, Manchester (17-18 Oct); Richard Taunton College, Southampton (26 Oct).