Performance Skills Qualification with Creative Re Work:

Performance Skills Qualification is a course that will enable you to develop your skills as a performance artist.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 courses offer dance technique classes and rehearsals every day and includes an opportunity to perform in a live performance at the end of the course.

Level 2 will focus on more of the roles that exist within performance.   If you are keen to develop more of your understanding of the role as a choreographer, producer, rehearsal director or company manager, we will be facilitating a space so that all learners can lean into a role they want to develop more as the company works their way towards the concluding performance. Giving you the opportunity to feel more prepared and equipped to take your own performance work on tour by the end of the Level 2 course.

Guest choreographers will be joining Creative Re Work to make a piece on the artists.  Full attendance during the creation period is mandatory.

You can apply for both Levels if you would like to take part in both.

Sign up via this form:

To be eligible for the course you need to meet the following criteria, 

  • Do you live in London? 
  • Are you or currently out of work or in a low paid job? 
  • Are you over 19? 
  • Are you not in full time education? 

For further information please email Shereen at