19:30, Thursday 27th June
Tickets £16.00


A night of classic Broadway hits plus electrifying piano solos as Alexander Conte and Nicholas Bavani take the stage for their London debut. “Classical meets Broadway” is a concert that showcases how two different worlds of the arts can come together to celebrate beautiful music. Alexander Conte’s strong background in theater will not go unnoticed in this evening’s performance, featuring solo works from Les Miserables, Anastasia, West Side Story and more, Conte’s ability to change character is seamless, and his energy is a powerhouse.  Bavani’s artistic touches on the piano has become his signature. Performing music that entertains is his philosophy on piano. Featuring show stopping piano solos such as Prokofiev’s “Montagues and Capulets” and Berevich’s “Variations on a Theme by Paganini” there is something for everyone at this concert and we look forward to seeing you at 7:30 P.M. in the upper hall.

Alexander Conte’s Bio
Alexander Anthony Conte is a blossoming tenor in the American Musical Theater Scene. Native to Pittsburgh, now Baltimore based he is ecstatic to be performing today. Alexander brings an energy to the stage that grasps his audience attention and provides a level of comfort, perhaps it’s his love for cats, or perhaps it’s his natural inclination to be unapologetically himself. Alexander’s education includes a Theatre Minor at Penn State and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education at Johns Hopkins University. He currently teaches both chemistry and theater for Baltimore City Public Schools, while running a theater company in the Baltimore area “CJ Productions.” Conte’s credentials include, Director of Annie (SHS), Almost Maine and A Charlie Brown Christmas (REACH). Also performing as Jamie in Last 5 Years (CJ) Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer (SS), Calogero in A Bronx Tale (DCT), Trent Oliver in The Prom (ST), Oscar Lindquist in Sweet Charity and Shakespeare in Something Rotten (CCST). Finally, he would like to thank everyone involved in the showcase you are going to see today, including his supportive students, friends, Samuel Jungwirth, his business partner, family and his new collaborative pianist Nicholas Bavani.

Nicholas Bavani’s Bio
Nicholas Bavani’s studies include a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Shepherd University, and a Masters in Music, Music Education from West Chester University, located outside of Philadelphia, PA. He currently is the Director of Music for Reach Partnership High School for Baltimore City Public Schools.  Originally from Lexington Park, Maryland, Bavani has made Baltimore his adopted city. Bavani is an up and coming performer known for his artistic touches on the piano. His goals are to reinvent classical music concerts by incorporating art, media, current events, and collaborations in his performances. Bavani’s idea of being a “Salon Pianist” is gaining traction internationally. Nicholas has performed multiple times in Florence, Italy and has hopes to expand his vision to more countries. He is overjoyed to be performing at Longfield Hall, as this is his English debut.  Inspired by early 20th-century Parisian culture, Bavani utilizes ideas from the Ballet Russes and is inspired by Monsieur Diaghilev, Satie, and Monet.He believes when we create collaborative art, we enhance the message and this showcase will prove such. His love for theater has not gone unnoticed, and at this concert today should be a celebration of beautiful music by iconic artists.