The Three-Week Clown Course starts with the fundamentals of clowning and works towards creating your own clown performance in the way that suits you and performing it in the place that suits you.

  • Week one: We begin with the dynamics of clowning: when we present ourselves as ridiculous for each other’s own amusement, and when we laugh (or don’t laugh) at each other.
  • Week 2: We then look at how to make sure the material you create really works for you. There are countless practical ways of devising material appropriate for your clowning. This fuses a personal approach to your clowning together with taking care to set up and structure your performance
  • Week 3: We will create unique clown performances that work for you, in the style that suits you best. Whatever your ‘formal’ experience, clowning is something many of have done throughout our lives in informal or social situations, and our experiences will differ widely according to our backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

The course will end with a public performance of participants’ newly created clowning. Depending on your style of clowning, you may choose to present your performance in other settings: in an outdoor setting, in a specific site, online, at home, one-to-one, etc. there are no rules about where or for whom we should clown

Dates: 13th-31st May 2024

Week 1: Monday 13th – Friday 17th May, 10am-4pm

Week 2: Monday 20th – Friday 24th May, 10am-4pm

Week 3: Monday 27th – Friday 31st May, 11.30am-5.30pm

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Email for details on how to enrol

Maximum: 18 participants

Week 1 –Training Clowning

Feeling and Laughter – “I (Don’t) Feel Funny / That Was(n’t) Funny”

Performing Clowning – “That Was Supposed To Be funny”

Week 2 – Creating Clowning

Skills and Unskills – “Being (Un)impressive”

Clowns in the Theatre – “Being Meaningful/less”

Week 3 – Performing Clowning

Creating Performance – “However You Want to Clown”

Performing Your Clowning – “Wherever You Want to Clown”

The course will finish with you creating your own clown performance in the way that suits you and performing it in the place that suits you.

This was an active, fun, funny weekend.  Lots of laughs and many varied stimulating activities to reveal the clown. Works well for experienced performers and brave beginners!

(Helen Herman, Bristol 2023)

“It has deffo been a challenge to come to terms with life outside of the glow of clown school. (but I guess life has to change as a result!)

It was wonderful! I’m still pretty new to performing, and I was worried about feeling too out of depth, but the whole thing felt so natural and logical (and novel in a massively exciting way)- which I think was very much down to the delicate way that you taught, (and how unified (most of) the group was). I was blown away by the line you managed to tread between letting us discover things and guidance. How open you were and the levels of honesty it felt like we reached, without being brutal.

I have found within the ideas and philosophy of your teaching of clowning a new clarity in thinking around ideas I have been stuck with for a long time. Including ways of thinking about my own painting practice that has been in a consistent struggle with its relationship (or lack of) to an audience.” (Jessie, London)