London Butoh Dance Company in collaboration with music duo, Ghost Mind present IRREVERSE




London Butoh Dance Company is a collective of ten movement artists, performers and co-creators. Irreverse is an exploration of the shared somatic experience. The collective suffering that binds us into one oppressive realisation. It captures the taboo of adolescence, forbidden thoughts, rituals and desires. An experience fraught with confusion, transformation and evolution. [It’s scary.] There isn’t a guidebook, and wikihow doesn’t help!

Irreverse cannot be stopped. [Or can it?] The hormonal take over. Irreverse can’t stop touching itself. [Or thinking about all those other sexy sexy bodies.] With their upstanding, square technical rigs [their flowing curves of gesture and light]

Ghost Mind

Pete Robson’s piano/horns and Stuart Wilding on percussion. This is combined with a background of found sounds gathered from around the planet. Essentially, Ghost Mind is a three-person duo, the third member being the titular “Ghost”.

Running time 60 mins

Age suitability 16+


Instagram: @butoh_company, @posthuman_theatre